I am Oana Ancuta Briciu. I am definitely a multidisciplinary artist; I have 2 degrees: one in Civil Engineering, one in Fashion and Costume Design, in Romania, my parents couldn’t afford CSM.

Beyond university, I have developed stage design/installation and styling skills by doing short courses and being on set most of my days.

I had some exhibitions, theatre plays, music videos, short movies and editorials back in Romania.

Spontaneously, I moved to London in Feb 2017. I worked as a stylist. My most relevant projects were for Afropunk and Boy London.

One day, I decided to be a photographer and since then I had the best time of my life; opened a studio, worked with talented people, Cashh, Kida Kudz, Mad Teeth and many others.

We live in a world where everybody is trying to copy other people’s work, but I want to believe I have a unique aesthetic and that definitely comes from my background in Eastern Europe.